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100 Calorie Protein Snacks

Low in Calories, High in Protein

Protein is one of the basic building blocks of nutrition that our bodies need to keep going.  Lack of sufficient protein has been linked to: increased sugar cravings, negative effects on skin and hair, lowered immunity to disease, loss of muscle mass, and irregularities in hormones and blood. 

Often, in our fast-paced world, we aren’t finding the protein that we need in our daily snacking choices.  Too many ready-made snacks are mostly carbohydrates with precious little protein.  And sometimes those that are protein snacks are filled with artificial ingredients, chemical sweeteners, and preservatives. 

Here at, we want to help you make smart choices for including protein snacks into your daily routine.  Here are some great 100 calorie protein snack ideas to help you get started.

Yogurt Protein Snacks

Not only is yogurt high in protein, it’s very beneficial to your digestive system as well.  Most people simply pick up their favorite yogurt at the store but, surprisingly, yogurt is quite easy to make at home.  All you need is an existing carton of yogurt from the store, some milk, and a food thermometer. 

If you are going to buy your yogurt, read ingredients carefully.  Most store brands contain added fillers, preservatives, and chemical sweeteners.  Buying a good quality brand of plain (unflavored and unsweetened yogurt) can often help you save on both cost and calories.  Consider sweetening your yogurt with natural sweeteners such as stevia or xylitol.  You can also create your own fruit-filled concoction by simply adding crushed fruit and a little extract if you like. 

Cheese Protein Snacks

Just about all cheeses are high in protein.  But proceed with caution: they’re high in fat and calories as well!  Choosing a low-fat cheese such as cream cheese, cottage cheese, or skim mozzarella will help save on calories while adding that all-important protein.  But don’t limit yourself to these run-of-the-mill items.  Many grocery stores now offer specialty cheeses, which can add zing and a special flavor combination to your average cracker or veggie snack pack. 

Nut Protein Snacks

Nuts are also high in protein and while all nuts are good for you overall, nutritionists prefer some over others.  Almonds and walnuts are favorites of health gurus but you can always slip in peanuts, macadamias, pecans, or cashews for a special snack.  Nuts should be used in moderation as they tend to be high in fat but sprinkling a few in your trail mix 100 calorie snack pack or other snack recipe will add a nice texture and taste. 

Beef Jerky Protein Snacks

Beef jerky is one of the oldest protein snacks around.  Native peoples in Africa were using salt to cure their meat a thousand years ago and we still enjoy the same type of dried meat snacks today.  We’re a bit more sophisticated now, however, so look for lower-sodium varieties of jerky in local health foods stores. 

Egg Protein Snacks

Eggs got a bad wrap for a number of years but nutritionists are now getting back on the egg bandwagon.  High in protein, eggs are also higher in fat than some protein snack choices so use sparingly to keep calories down.  Adding hard-boiled eggs to a snack or even egg-white meringues can be a fun and innovative addition to your 100 calorie protein snack recipes. 

Tuna or Salmon Protein Snacks

Tuna and salmon are both great additions to your protien snack regimend.  High in protein and low in fat, weight loss gurus have been recommending these fish for years to help burn off extra calories while maintaining lean muscle mass.  

Peanut butter Protein Snacks

Peanut butter can be incorporated into many 100 calorie protein snack bags.  Whether it’s added to a granola bar or a trail mix, it’s a great addition of protein and flavor.  There are a lot of choices when it comes to peanut butter these days.  Your grocery store will likely have several natural or organic varieties available.  Check labels carefully and avoid products with high fructose corn syrup or trans-fats such as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.  Many natural peanut butters come with no added sweeteners or fat and must be stirred before using.  If you like a sweeter flavor, feel free to add a natural sweetener such as stevia or xylitol.  Another useful tip, if you are using natural peanut butter that requires stirring, is to store the bottle upside down in your cabinet encouraging the oil to migrate to the bottom of the jar for easier stirring. 

Oatmeal Protein Snacks

Many people don’t think of oatmeal as a good protein snack but, in fact, it’s quite high in protein and can be low in calories.  It’s also very high in fiber and low in sugar so it’s an ideal amendment to your snack bags.  Oatmeal can be used in so many ways from cookies to granola to cereal and breakfast bars.  It’s tasty, it’s versatile, and it’s very good for you.   

Bean Protein Snacks

Beans may not immediately come to mind when thinking of snack bags but they can be a great addition to liven up your daily snacking routine.  You can use refried beans as a wonderful dip for pita or other chips.  Be careful if buying store brands of refried beans; check labels for added fats.  Refried beans can be made simply at home without added fat and store in snack bag portions in the freezer.   Chickpeas or garbanzo beans may be used to make another tasty dip: hummus.  Hummus flavors are as endless as your imagination and also go well with pita chips, rice cakes, and the like. 

Whey Protein and Soy Protein Powders

Protein powders have been popular in body-building circles for years but now many everyday people are beginning to incorporate them into their snacking as well.  Protein powders make wonderful shakes and can be used in all sorts of low-carbohydrate, lower-calorie baked goods.  Things to watch for in protein powders are added ingredients.  Often protein powders are targeted at body builders and contain added chemical enhancers such as creatine.  Creatine can have negative side effects for some people so make sure and do your research before using a product containing this chemical additive. 

Protein powders will also often contain artificial sweeteners.  We recommend finding a simple protein powder with no added ingredients and then sweetening it yourself as desired.  Protein powders come in many different flavors and can really liven up your personal snack bag selections. 

With all the choices available, we hope that you find it fast and simple to add more protein to your 100 calorie protein snack bags.  Making sure to get a sufficient amount of protein each day will help you live better, feel stronger, and stay healthier.  Enjoy!