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Healthy Children's Snacks

The challenge of providing children with a healthy diet.

Children are fond of eating the same kind of food every meal and worse, every day.  They would often ignore healthy foods prepared for them, especially during lunch and dinner. Considering the fact that children’s development is at its peak at a young age, it is very necessary to supplement their nutritional requirement with the right kind and right amount of food. They need to eat to stay healthy, and to do that there are healthy kid’s recipe snacks and healthy snacks ideas on the go that can be prepared at home.

Junk food is a typical part of children’s diet if not supervised correctly. These are foods that have less nutritional value or none at all, which is probably one of the major dilemmas in providing healthy snacks for children. Ideally, we eat three major meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The question is, is it healthy enough, or does it contain all the nutrients needed for your child? As a result, most parents would tend to include vitamins and other artificial sources of nutrients into children’s diet to compensate with the inadequacy of nutrients of what children usually eat. In this way, a child would somehow receive proper nourishment and nutrition.

Healthy Foods to Foster Nutrition

On the other hand, snacks can be a way to provide quality food, which is of good nutritional value, just use your creativity. Some examples and ideas of food and snacks that my kids can eat to stay healthy are fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, low fat dairy foods, nuts and trail mix along with fruit juice, water or low fat milk. These foods belong to healthy food groups needed for growth and development of your children.

All kinds of fruits supply a decent amount of fiber necessary for digestion and removal of waste from the body. Fruits are also a major source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which help in preventing diseases and enjoying a healthy lifestyle along with other healthy practices. For children, this food group is highly beneficial for their growth and development. It will protect them from simple ailments like colds, and flue simply by boosting their immune system.  Most fruits contain vitamin A, B complex, and vitamin E; whose major function is to protect the body from suffering damages due to children’s activity level which makes them vulnerable to diseases.

Vegetables, just like with fruits are a good source of fiber and natural enzymes which is equally important in maintenance of health and disease prevention. It contains fairly the same amount of vitamin A, B and C but these vitamins can easily be destroyed by wrong cooking practices. To preserve the amount of minerals, it is advisable to cook it in low fire, use steam instead of direct heat, or cook it in a short period of time. To get the most out of the nutrients from vegetables, these cooking practices should be observed.

Whole grain is a chief source of fiber as opposed to processed grains commonly used today. The advantage of grain extends to offering protein and minimal carbohydrate sources thus, preventing obesity among children. The recommended daily whole grain consumption is 48 grams per day according to health agencies. The good news is that if you constantly adhere to this daily requirement it will protect you from heart diseases, diabetes and excessive weight gain.

Low fat dairy foods commonly available in the market are low fat milk, yogurt, low fat cheese, sour cream, skim milk, low fat chocolate milk, non-fat mozzarella cheese, etc. These foods are rich in calcium necessary for bone growth. Other than that it also prevents childhood obesity since it has lower cholesterol level.

The human body is mainly made up of water. It is important for metabolism and processes needed to maintain normal bodily functions. For children it is important to include water in their snack time in order to keep them hydrated throughout the day and to keep up their activity level. Fruit juice is also perfect for children’s healthy snacks. It should be part of a child’s nutritious diet since it offers additional valuable amount of nutrients for health maintenance and improvement.

Children love snacks more than breakfast, lunch or dinner. They would like to eat during snack time than any other time of the day. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan healthy children snacks throughout the week, or throughout the month. Children are very enthusiastic in every way, you can let them help you during the preparation of the food to add excitement and increase their appetite considerably. The trick to make them submit into a healthy snack diet is to choose foods which is both appealing to them and of great nutritional value.

Healthy Snack Recipes Kids Would Love

Fruit Yogurt Salad

You can do this with your kids by letting them choose their favorite fruit, dice it into pieces preferably up to 4 cups or as much as they want. Then, you can add and mix it with 1-2 cups of low fat yogurt.

Pizza Bread Sticks

First, prepare the ingredients which includes pizza dough preferably home made, pizza sauce, garlic salt, olive oil or toppings of your choice as long as it’s healthy. Now, you can cut the dough into strips of your desired size, apply your pizza sauce, olive oil and put some toppings. Then you can set it on your oven toaster until golden brown.

Trail Mix

This snack is fairly simple to prepare, just mix peanuts, raisins, low fat chocolate chips, mini pretzels. You can make your own recipe; just make sure to maintain a low sugar content.

Whole Wheat Crackers and Toppings

First choose any whole wheat cracker and you can choose from a variety of toppings. You can try cream cheese, peanut butter, jelly, low fat cheese, etc. It’s like making your own lunchables without limiting the nutritional value.


This snack idea is very appealing to children since its cold, moderately sweet, and contains a lot of nutrients. First you need to set up your blender and add chopped fruits to your 1 cup milk progressively, then add yogurt until achieving a smooth consistency. Try to experiment with flavors, you can ask your children to taste it, and if it’s good enough for their taste, it is also good enough for their diet.

Proper diet for your children involves healthy snacks. In fact it is a good investment for your family which would help prevent diseases and ensure the growth and development of your children. Here in 100caloriebags, you can find numerous ways and recipes to maintain a healthy diet not just for adults but for the entire family as well, including your children.