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Things to do with Little Kids

Little ones have all the fun

There will be days when the weather proves uncooperative and you and the little kids are stranded inside with nothing exciting to do. After a while, all those channels on the television and games on the computer will get them even more bored than when they began. So why not usher them into the one place they didn’t think they can do something fun? The kitchen.

The kitchen can serve as your partner in having fun with the kids. Being allowed to tinker about in it poses an exciting premise for them. The kitchen can also be your tool in teaching a thing or two about fun but healthy snacking.

100 calorie snack bags are perfect for little kids since eating snacks appeal to them more than those big, full meals. And as food is always fun for them, as it is for us, making snack bags is your best bet for a safe and fun activity that stimulates their growing minds. You’ll be surprised to see how much and how quickly they learn, so this is the best time to introduce healthy values albeit discreetly.

Raid for Snack Ingredients

You don’t have to spend a cent making 100 calorie snack bags. The best part about them is that they can be put together by food and ingredients you already have at home. So raid the pantry and the fridge and have the kids do the same. It’s like a treasure hunt for yummy things at home—cookies, biscuits, cereals, etc. By making them choose the ones they like, you’ll be sure that they not only make snack bags, but eat them as well.

This is also your chance to see all the other ingredients you forgot you had—the can of beets, pack of frozen peas, half a jar of walnuts. Just check the label for the expiration date to see if they’re still edible. And while the kids bring out the chocolate chip cookies and vanilla wafers, ensure the health factor of those snack bags by incorporating fruits and vegetables – and get creative. Make them more appealing by cutting them in little bite-sized pieces. You can use cookie cut outs so the carrots are now orange stars and the apples are white and red hearts. Put them in small little bowls on the counter, like an assembly line. The different colors and shapes will stand out and make your little kids forget that that’s a bowl of carrots sitting in front of them.

Prepare the Snack Containers

As the kids continue searching around the kitchen, begin preparing the containers for your 100 calorie snack bags. Sandwich bags are good for toting around anywhere and can store the food properly. The printed or colored variety will also make the snack bags fun. Plastic containers are also great for storing inside the fridge and avoid early snack spoilage. Punctuate your fun assembly line with the containers placed all on one end.

Take Pictures

You can do away with this step altogether, but if you’re going to have fun, you might as well document it! Kids love having their pictures taken, and this can go into their scrapbooks. Take pictures of the kids while they look for snack ingredients and take pictures of them with their scavenged food. This also serves as your documentation. Once you’re fresh out of kids snack bags, you can refer to the pictures and make variations to make it more fun and healthier. Remember, you can modify the snack bags to fit any occasion. You can make Halloween snack bags for trick or treat, snack bags for field trips, even snack bags as party favors at birthday parties. Have fun with it and the little kids will have fun too!

Go to for Snack Bag Recipes

To match the fun and creative way you have presented your ingredients, go online for creative recipe ideas for the kids’ snack bags. offers an easy way to create your snack bags while keeping the portions set to your liking. So they can be 100, 200, and 300 – or any size –  calorie snack bags. Little kids are tech-savvy these days so have them do the clicking while you guide them through the process. Next thing you know, they’ll be doing this on their own!

  • Log in to, locate the snack recipe calculator on the home page. Have the kids choose what they want inside their snack bag. Limit it to about 2-3 ingredients. Or if you want to make sure that it’s not all pretzels and chocolate biscuits, add one healthy ingredient. An additional snack will make the little kids think they are getting more.
  • Locate the nutrition label on the snacks. Enter the name of the first ingredient. A displayed list of suggestions may appear and you can choose from there. You can also manually enter the grams and calories from the nutrition label of the snacks.
  • Click on the Add Ingredient button to add additional ingredients to your snack recipe.
  • If you want to do more than 100 calories in your fun snack bags, enter your desired target calories in the Target Calorie box.
  • Then, click on the Calculate button. The snack calculator will then break down the number of grams you need per ingredient entered to reach your targeted number of calories. Jot it down or print out the recipe for your snack bag.
  • Do again for more variations and in case the little kids each want to make their own.

Scaling it Down

Get the kitchen scale. It doesn’t have to be the most high-tech of scales. A small kitchen food scale will suffice. Have them wash their hands and settle who goes first. Let the child put the snack ingredient on the scale and tell them to watch the weight. Help them add or take away ingredients until you reach the right amount. As soon as they do, let them place it in their chosen containers. Do the same process to the next ingredient until the snack bag is complete. Don’t forget to let them take turns or help each other so no kid gets left out!

Remember: Don’t be wary of expirementing. Putting more variety in snack bags will make them more fun and appealing to little kids. Next time they see you out with the food scale, they’ll be scrambling to help you assemble those healthy snack bags.