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Under 100 Calorie Foods

Good food that doesn't tip the scale

Calories, calories, calories.  They’re all around us.  They’re everywhere.  And our bodies are genetically programmed to crave them.  In our world today, we are doing less physical labor and eating more high-calorie, nutrient vapid food available to us than at any other time in history.  Is it any surprise that we are gaining weight in record-breaking proportions?

Not only are we tempted by high calorie foods which are lurking around every corner, we’re also lured by high-dollar advertising that encourages us to consume more and more of these products which are bad for our health.  Food designers working for restaurants and manufactures know that a certain combination of sugar, fat, and salt create a reaction in the brain similar to illegal drugs.  And so the war over taking charge of our bodies and our health is on.  It’s us against them; what are we to do?

Enter the 100 calorie snack craze.  People are beginning to take control of their eating habits by creating 100 calories snack bags that are wholesome, healthy, and easy on the pocketbook.  While these 100 calorie snack bags are readily available in supermarkets, they’re often filled with unhealthy ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and fillers designed to keep you coming back for more.

It’s important, when trying to get a hold of your health, to take a serious look at how many calories are in your daily consumption patterns.  It takes 3,500 calories to equal one pound of body weight.  If we aren’t burning more calories every day than we’re taking in, weight will be put on, health will be compromised, and a struggle with excess pounds will begin.

So how many calories do we need to take in and how many need to go out?  It really depends upon your weight, age, and activity level.  But men need more than women and burn somewhere around 2,000 calories per day.  Women burn somewhere around 1,600 calories per day.  In order to lose weight, you’ll need to get an accurate assessment of your daily caloric needs in order to tailor an eating plan that helps you lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight.

Many healthy eating plans that assist people in boosting their metabolism use many small, snack-like meals throughout the day to do so.  This is where 100 calorie snack bags come in handy.  As you begin taking control of your health by creating these marvelous and delicious snack bags, you can also begin to incorporate foods that are 100 calories or under in order to achieve even greater success in your weight loss goals.

Let’s talk for a moment about foods that are 100 calories or under per serving.  There are far too many to list here but let’s look at some common ones.

Several types of breads and muffins fall into this under 100 calorie snack category but come in pretty small portions.  For instance, you might choose a blueberry muffin for an under 100 calorie snack, but you’ll only be getting about 1 oz.  Which usually equates to half of a muffin.  When you’re beginning your weight loss plan and may be having hunger cravings, this might not be the best direction to go.  Try waiting until your body has gotten used to having fewer calories or couple this type of snack with a pre-snack fiber supplement or fiber alternative to help you feel fuller, longer.

Cereals, cooked or packaged, are also a good place to look for under 100 calorie snack items.  A 1/2 cup of oatmeal has only 75 calories and is high in fiber so it helps fill you up.

Some types of crackers also fall into the under 100 calorie snack category but these, also, are usually rather small amounts and have little nutrition or fiber.  For example, one graham cracker has 55 calories and not much filling fiber.  For a healthier alternative, try buying or making your own vegetable chips which are lower in calories and higher in nutrients.

Some snack foods will give you a larger amount of food for the same low caloric intake.  Popcorn, for example, if air popped has a mere 90 calories for a whopping 3 cups.  Pretzels also tend to be low in calories with a more filling portion size.  Remember, though, that these items aren’t nutritionally dense or fiber dense so use them sparingly.

Most fruit juices fall into the under 100 calorie snack class as well.  A 1/2 cup of many different types of juices will be less than 100 calories.  Of course, juices are low in fiber and can cause blood sugar spikes so use them sparingly.  A smoothie incorporating these juices mixed with fiber can help keep blood sugar stable and still provide a yummy treat as well.

Of course, whole fruits themselves provide wonderfully nutritious, very filling snack choices for under 100 calorie snack bags also.  Fruits such as blueberries are very high in antioxidants and fiber and are filling as well.  An entire cup of blueberries is only 100 calories.  Enjoy!

If fruits are healthy for us, then we know that vegetables are too.  Also chock full of fiber and nutrients, veggies give you a feeling of fullness without packing on too many extra calories.  1 large, raw carrot contains only 30 calories and wonderful vitamins and minerals.  You can consume an entire medium tomato for only 25 calories.  And an entire stalk of celery has a measly 5 calories.

Many dairy products will be under 100 calorie snacks as well.  Low-fat cheeses, yogurts, and milks are all good examples.  A 1/2 cup of low-fat yogurt only contains 55 calories and has enormous digestive benefits.  A 1/2 cup of fat-free cottage cheese has only 80 calories.

Why, even desserts can be under 100 calorie snacks.  Fat-free frozen yogurt contains a mere 95 calories and 1/2 cup of fat-free ice cream has only 90.

You can see that there are a world of options available as you begin to take control of your diet and say, “no” to high-fat, nutrition-less, commercial choices and begin to build your own, healthy, under 100 calorie snack bags.  You can stay satisfied, get healthy, and feel good about yourself as you use these suggestions to win the battle of the bulge.